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Success Stories

Image by Adi Goldstein

Medical Device Customer 

Learn about how we cut test execution timelines for a major medical device manufacturer by 99%

Success Story Medical Device


A customer's manual  testing processes were inconsistent, unreliable, & inefficient


Our team developed a new scripting test environment, multiple test libraries, & automated the Pass/Fail determination process


We eliminated all test inaccuracies, reduced rerun execution times, enabled rapid feedback & bug identification, & reduced overall test execution time by 99%

Industrial theme view. Repair and maintenance of aircraft engine on the wing of the aircra

Aerospace Customer

Learn about how we reduced software test costs by 53% for a leading airline manufacturer

Image by Robynne Hu

Defense Customer

Learn about how we cut test execution times by 67% for a major U.S. Department of Defense engineering center


A customer performed manual & time-intensive software verification tests for a military vehicle's command and control display node


 We wrote test scripts, developed a custom test harness, & utilized our Automated Test Controller (ATC) & Automated Test Software (ATS) to automate verification test procedures


Our test automation enabled our customers to execute automated & unattended software verification tests, cutting manual test timelines by over 67%


The team was given a reduced schedule to complete the lifecycle verification and validation for a Part 25 DO-178B systems certification effort


 We employed model-based design to minimize scope & created support tools for our customer that automated requirements management and analytical tasks


Our customer was able to instantly identify data coupling holes and automatically identify change impacts, while cutting test costs 53%

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