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Projects - Aerospace
A part of airplane with aileron in the sky - Array of Engineers is currently developing software for the hydraulic monitoring and control application for the Airbus A350.

Embedded Avionic Software & Hardware 

Array of Engineers developed, tested, and verified embedded software for the Hydraulic Monitoring and Control Application (HMCA) on the Airbus A350. The HMCA suite is responsible for the aircraft's engine driven pumps, fire-shut-off valves, electrical motor pump, system temperature warnings, and engine failure detection, and more. 


Our team leverages SCADE and other mode-based development environments to automate code generation and streamline testing and verification, resulting in reduced schedule and cost for numerous programs. Collectively, we have reduced testing costs for our aerospace partners by 50% through automated verification and validation. Our utilization of model based development tools such as SCADE has helped us minimize project verification scope by 30%.


Our engineers have also supported development of printed circuit boards (PCB) and used automated test environments to support verification and validation for the embedded hydraulic software on the Boeing 787. Our latest aerospace projects include field programmable gate array (FPGA) code testing for a vertical take-off and landing prototype program.

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