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Internet of Things

A tablet showing the command and control potential of having IoT applications in various industries.

Application & Web Interface Development for Controlled Atmosphere System

We partnered with a company who specializes in controlled atmosphere solutions for agriculture. Working alongside our partner, we implemented IoT applications to collect data from their atmosphere systems and funnel it to a custom web dashboard for user-friendly viewing. Our applications have leveraged fleets of Raspberry Pi carrier boards to control programmable logic controller systems and collect data from them.


Our software engineers developed a web dashboard to house all of our partners products. Test settings, historical data graphs, and current test metrics are all viewable with just a few clicks. Notifications can be configured to alert users when their devices fall offline or data values are outside an expected range. Our team continues to grow in this market by demonstrating innovative software applications, cost effective command & control technology, and leveraging IoT to improve business operations.  

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