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Medical Device

Projects - Medical
A surgeon performing a procedure using an electrosurgical medical device.

Test Automation for Electrosurgical System

Array of Engineers developed a test system that automates software and hardware testing for an electrosurgical device manufacturer. Previously, the tests for these devices were executed manually through a time-intensive test cycle. As a result of our testing automation, we reduced our partner's test execution cycle by 99 percent.


In order to achieve this automation, we developed our own custom hardware and software leveraging FPGA IP cores to replace legacy manual testing. To support this effort, our team developed a test scripting environment that emulated communication between an electrosurgical system and an external wireless device using JavaScript via a serial-USB connect.


We also developed a programmable resistor printed circuit board (PCB) that utilizes an FPGA to help automate the test environment for the electrosurgical system. We simulated CAN messages in order to interact with a user interface touchscreen. In the end, our team developed the component library, schematic capture, and PCB layout/routing for a new medical device system.

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