A NASA satellite in low-earth orbit, We are supporting NASA spacecraft with custom FPGA designs, modeling and simulation, and test bench development.

FPGA Code for NASA Satellites

Our team has partnered with small businesses to support a variety of NASA satellite, spacecraft, and planetary exploration programs. We are proud to support Goddard's On-orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing-1 (OSAM-1) satellite program, formerly known as the Restore-L Mission. 


Our team used model based systems engineering to develop FPGA test bench code for the high power motor controller on OSAM-1's robotic arm. We also performed software profiling calculations through a combination of bench testing, Verilog test bench sims, and MATLAB modeling.


OSAM-1 is scheduled for launch in 2024 and will serve as a test demonstration satellite for on-orbit satellite maintenance and life extension. NASA will use OSAM-1 to conduct on-orbit satellite refueling operations for the first time in history. 

In other space work, our FPGA engineers developed FPGA test code for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Europa Lander and Northrop Grumman's Mission Extension Pod (MEP) program.