Project Experience

Aerospace Projects:

  • Used SCADE for model based design as recommended by Airbus during A350 projects. Used MATLAB Simulink/Stateflow on heavy equipment and aerospace projects.


  • Have extensive experience with aircraft interior design applications, specifically in designing and developing the embedded software and PCB hardware which controls the power, actuation, lighting, and passenger control functionality of business class and first class passenger seating, including communications protocols internal and external to the seating system.


  • Took an older aircraft’s hardware facing obsolescence and modernized it. Developing a custom board, replaced a legacy CRT based display in a military aircraft with a much lighter and more responsive LCD. This allowed additional available bus data to be displayed on the screen giving the pilot critical decision making information.


  • Developed and automated tens of thousands of tests on the Boeing 787 GPM, 787 SBC, A350 CPIOM/SCADE integrated modular avionics (IMA) architectures, and custom LRU federated architecture environments. The test suite included both module testing and hardware software integration testing.

  • Used the model based tool, SCADE, on Airbus A350 and custom LRUs for testing along with a custom C++ environment for CPIOM hardware testing.


  • Created an automated tool that parsed customer supplied documents, ICDs, and IDDs to generate static XML dictionaries, flow diagrams in MS Visio, and MS Word data tables. The automated tool created nearly 10,000 pages of technical documentation and reduced cost and schedule on a program that was initially expected to take four times the manpower to complete. The automation reduced turnaround time for changes and updates while also cutting down on human errors and typos.


Automotive Project:

  • Developed and tested an ECU along with embedded software to control  a demonstration seat unit for an automotive company.

Government Projects:

  • Worked on the Space Shuttle program including developing and testing flight code. Developed six degrees of freedom simulators for the entry profile for the Space Shuttle.


  • Created an end-of-line tester to validate product assembly for a military vehicle HVAC unit. Designed and developed a test cabinet with a touch screen interface integrating barcode tracking, label printing and logging capabilities through a C# application using a Parker IQAN controller environment. The environment communicated through a CAN network interface and also provided test stimuli and load simulation with custom connectors/cabling.


  • Developed embedded test software for test engineering on the Joint Strike Fighter Air Memory System.


  • Developed autonomous robotic embedded controller software for military prototype efforts in the heavy equipment industry. Also, developed and verified software for commercial excavators and pavers.


  • Developed and designed the hardware and software to deliver a multi-frequency wireless sensor, which used 8 independent radio transceivers, managed by a Microsemi FPGA and full Atom 3800 series processor. The sensor was capable of capturing and decoding communications across Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, dual-band 802.11, 433MHz - 915MHz, and RFID.​


IoT Projects:


  • Designed and developed the embedded hardware and software and created a custom neural network that performed image recognition and object detection locally on the embedded hardware for an IoT product.

  • Implemented object detection on the edge for a Raspberry Pi and developed a custom API for both embedded hardware and web-based access to the neural network using Swagger IO.


Medical Device Projects:


  • Developed full embedded interface/control software for precision surgical tool systems. The design made use of a Freescale processor working in conjunction with multiple FPGAs.​


  • Reverse engineered an obsolescent circuit board for a medical device to extend the life of the product for a medical company.