Array of Engineers specializes in automated software and hardware testing and automation of analysis processes to greatly accelerate verification time on both model-based and traditional environments, ensure consistency in results, and provide assurance of operation. AoE prides ourselves in our task automation capabilities and embedded software/hardware development. Our success is based on our engineers working as a unified team, producing creative and efficient solutions, continually learning and utilizing cutting edge technologies, and applying them to our projects.

Some of our core competencies include:

• Electronic software/hardware prototyping and embedded software/hardware development
• Analog/digital circuit design, FPGA design, and printed circuit board design
• Design system level requirements, interface documents, and process documents
• Linux application development
• Model based design
• Hardware/software firmware integration
• Verification & Validation testing automation
• Custom image and video processing
• Machine Learning using image recognition/object detection
• Worked through all aspects of the lifecycle and certification process related to DO-178B/DO-178C