We've partnered with clients in aerospace, space, national defense, medical, and automotive industries. From NASA science satellites to agricultural storage systems, our engineering solutions are enhancing the way our customers do business in numerous high tech fields.

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Embedded Avionic Software & Hardware

Array of Engineers (AoE) developed, tested, and verified embedded software for the Hydraulic Monitoring and Control Application (HMCA) on the Airbus A350. The HMCA suite is responsible for the aircraft's engine driven pumps, fire-shut-off valves, electrical motor pump, system temperature warnings, and engine failure detection, and more. 


Our team leverages test automation to reduce test costs and project schedule timelines. Collectively, we've reduced testing costs for our aerospace client by 50% through automated verification and validation. Our capitalization of model based tools has also minimized project verification scope by 30%.


In a separate project, our engineers helped develop a printed circuit board (PCB) and used an automated test environment to support verification and validation for the embedded hydraulic software on the Boeing 787.

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FPGA Code for NASA Satellites

Our team has partnered with small businesses to support a variety of NASA satellite, spacecraft, and planetary exploration programs. We are proud to support Goddard's On-orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing-1 (OSAM-1) satellite program, formerly know as the Restore-L Mission. 


Our team used model based systems engineering to develop FPGA test bench code for the high power motor controller on OSAM-1's robotic arm. We also performed software profiling calculations through a combination of bench testing, Verilog test bench sims, and MATLAB modeling.


OSAM-1 is scheduled for launch in 2024 and will serve as a test demonstration satellite for on-orbit satellite maintenance and life extension. NASA will use OSAM-1 to conduct on-orbit satellite refueling operations for the first time in history. 

In other space work, AoE developed FPGA test code for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Europa Lander and Northrop Grumman's Mission Extension Pod (MEP) program.

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Medical Devices

Test Automation for Electrosurgical System

AoE developed a test system that automates software and hardware testing for an electrosurgical device manufacturer. Previously, the tests for these devices were executed manually by a software engineer. As a result of our testing automation, we reduced our client's testing timelines by 99 percent.


In order to achieve this automation, we developed our own custom hardware and software leveraging FPGAs to replace legacy manual testing. To support this effort, our team developed a test scripting environment that emulated communication between an electrosurgical system and an external wireless device using JavaScript via a serial-USB connect.


We also developed a programmable resistor printed circuit board (PCB) that utilizes an FPGA to help automate the test environment for the electrosurgical system. We simulated CAN messages in order to interact with a user interface touchscreen. In the end, our team developed the component library, schematic capture, and PCB layout/routing for a new medical device system.

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Test Automation for Military Ground Vehicle

Our team developed and implemented test automation for a display control unit on a military transport vehicle for the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command.


The objective of this project was to provide specified automation of test development and execution to streamline the testing of the vehicle's command and control component technologies. As part of this test automation effort, the AoE team developed, tested, troubleshooted, analyzed, and also prototyped components for demonstration and proof of concept. 

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Internet of Things

Application & Web Interface Development for Controlled Atmosphere System

We partnered with a company who specializes in controlled atmosphere solutions for agriculture. Working alongside our client, we implemented IoT applications to collect data from their atmosphere systems and funnel it to a custom web dashboard for easy viewing. Our applications have leveraged fleets of Raspberry Pi carrier boards to control programmable logic controller systems and collect data from them.


AoE software engineers have focused on developing a web dashboard to house all of our client's products. Test settings, historical data graphs, and current test metrics are all viewable with just a few clicks. Notifications can be configured to alert users when their devices fall offline or data values are outside an expected range. Our team continues to grow in this market by demonstrating innovative software applications, cost effective command & control technology, and leveraging IoT to improve business operations.  

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Video Camera Lens

Commercial Technology

Auto Show Display for Automotive Supplier

AoE engineers integrated existing systems from our client to create a functional demo. A mobile app and physical hand gestures detected by a radar unit were used to control embedded software running on an electronic control unit (ECU). We're proud to have had our results for this project on full display at the Motor Bella auto show.

Chromatic Sensor for Camera Manufacturer

In support of a color measurement instrumentation and technology manufacturer, our team developed a custom high-speed, multi-camera controller and frame processing IP core. We provided our client with the latest real-time high speed signal processing and maximum flexibility for their embedded designs, as part of their precision chromatic sensor and smart camera project.


Medical Device Customer Success Story

Learn about how we cut test execution timelines for a major medical device manufacturer by 99%



A customer's manual  testing processes were inconsistent, unreliable, & inefficient


Our team developed a new scripting test environment, multiple test libraries, & automated the Pass/Fail determination process


We eliminated all test inaccuracies, reduced rerun execution times, enabled rapid feedback & bug identification, & reduced overall test execution time by 99%

Aerospace Customer Success Story

Learn about how we reduced software test costs by 53% for a leading airline manufacturer

Defense Customer Success Story

Learn about how we cut test execution times by 67% for a major U.S. Department of Defense engineering center


A customer performed manual & time-intensive software verification tests for a military vehicle's command and control display node


 We wrote test scripts, developed a custom test harness, & utilized our Automated Test Controller (ATC) to automate verification test procedures


Our test automation enabled our customers to execute automated & unattended software verification tests, cutting manual test timelines by over 67%


The team was given a reduced schedule to complete the lifecycle verification and validation for a Part 25 DO-178B systems certification effort


 We employed model-based design to minimize scope & created support tools for our customer that automated requirements management and analytical tasks


Our customer was able to instantly identify data coupling holes and automatically identify change impacts, while cutting test costs 53%

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